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I know I've been unactive for quite a while on blogging but I tend to write alot of comments on different communities on gratitude (cause I truly and sincerely am for their hard work) but that's because I have no idea how to start on my own. I have alot to talk about - like ALOT to talk about - and would love to rant about everything that just makes me happy but my first two posts weren't that appealing to me and I didn't have one slight amount of satisfaction so I kind of gave up.
SO, I'd like to requests to anyone with experience and/or anyone who has seen this to please give me some suggestions! I'm quite inexperienced and would love to hear stories on how everyone managed to create their own accounts :) My only activity so far is just writing LOTS and LOTS of comments which I love to do but I'd love it even more if I finally started on my own account.
If anyone knows on how to get me started or passing a guide my way I'd gladfully and gratefully accept. I hope this appeal gets to you :) Good Day to you

-S (atalisher)

Hey! Say! Jump!

Okay, so after being accepted and joining the 10_jump community life has been a blast! :D I'm so grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to access this subs and shame on those who take them for granted. I can't say for sure who's my bias cause I'm kind of hooked on all of them to the point where I think that if I say I like only one person it wouldn't be fair to the rest... (I'm weird; I Know) **sigh**


These gorgeous guys with great personalities never fail to make my day! This is just a shout out to them!

Why I Came To LJ

Okay, so I only joined this site because I fell head over heels with Arashi and I can't believe that I only started with the new year. When I was 12 I had this big phase on Japanese culture and I thought to myself that it'll wear out but I'm 17 and I still love everything about Japan. Of course, being 12, I started with anime then I moved on to the songs then to who sang the songs then became introduced to the music industry. I stopped for a while when a friend of mine introduced me to kpop but I never really left the first phase of my pre-teen years and was finally brought back to Japan and their variety shows. It was so unique and every episode of VS Arashi made my day so I came here because I'm always craving for more. So whoever reads this, whether it's an Arashi subber or their community I ask you to please grant me the opportunity to see more of Arashi because they became an inspiration and I'd like to see more of them. Arashi also brought me to HSJ and I love how I gain so much joy when I watch their shows. I hope someone sees this and if you can please please please please grant my wish! Okay, that was really long and I'm sorry for boring you so I'll go... Bye :D